One of the most beloved legacies of the ancient Greeks is their mythology. Please follow all directions here to learn about how important gods and goddesses were to the Greeks, as well as to us today.

• Read: You will choose a myth from the D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. Everyone in your city state must choose a different myth.

1. Summary: describe just the main idea of your myth. The summary should be at least half a Page long. Be sure to use paragraphs.
2. Characteristics of Greek life: choose one or more from the following list that apply to your myth, and be ready to explain how these characteristics of Greek life are related in the myths:

Beauty, rivalry, glory, forgiveness, cleverness, anger, competition, wisdom, war, evil, hope, curiosity, punishment, fate, tragedy, love, temptation, revenge, oaths, jealousy, strength, bravery, work.

3. Draw a picture and label it demonstrating what you learned in the myth.

• Perform: Now that you have read about a Greek myth, prepare a presentation for the class. Please use Reader’s Theater style: Very Little movement, no props. You may put it in your own words, but please be true to the original story (No Modernizing, Please). (You will present to the class on Thurs. 3/27)

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