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History of Earth Day

The first Earth Day was on April 22 of 1970, but the idea of Earth Day was there from 1962. It was created by John McConnell.


Our Topic:

How Pollution Harms Our Community...



  • harms physical body
    • humans breathe infected air
    • affects both respiratory and cardiovascular system
    • exposure to polluted areas infect more
  • harms animals and plants
    • ozone molecules
      • hurt animal lungs
      • block openings in leaves breathing holes
        • no breathe no grow
  • harm buildings
    • materials deteriorate

Script: Earth Day Presentation

Part 1: Intro

Derick: This is KIKD's Earth Day presentation and we hope you enjoy it!
Ilina: But before we start we will give you some background on Earth Day!
Karen: John McConnell was the man who thought of the famous Earth Day.
Kentaro: And even though the idea was thought of in 1962, first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970.
Karen: Earth day was a day to celebrate the earth and to remind us humans to keep the planet clean.
Derick: Now we will start our presentation...

Part 2: Pollutions affect

Derick: Have you ever wondered why car exhaust smells so bad or why sunsets are caused?
Ilina: Well there are many reasons for this...
Karen: The most common reason is pollution!!
Kentaro: Pollution harms both the human body and the animals around them.
Derick: Plants are also affected by this terrible process.

Part 3: Plants

Ilina: Ozone molecules block the breathing holes in plants....
Karen: So they can't grow.
Kentaro: OMG!! Plants are very important to us! They supply us with oxygen!
Karen: If we don't help them we will die!

Part 4: Animals and Humans

Derick: Pollution can cause many human diseases..
Ilina: Including respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease.
Karen: Ahem
Derick: oh yeah, I forgot....animals are also harmed by pollution.
Kentaro: Yes, oil spills in the ocean can kill millions of fish.
Derick: Pollution also kills many land animals because it affects their lungs.
Karen: How sad!

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Part 5:The Sunset!

Ilina: Have you ever wondered what causes the sunset to vary in colors?
Karen: Yeah...
Kentaro: Why is that?
Derick: When ash, soot, etc is injected into the air by various events it changes the color of the sunset, this process is called the Mie Scattering.

Part 6:Buildings

Ilina: Hey guess what?
Karen: What?
Ilina: If we don't stop polluting then buildings will deteriorate!
Derick: Whoa thats freaky.
Karen: Yeah, it is.
Kentaro: I wonder why buildings will get damaged....
Karen: I think acid rain harms buildings by burning the outer material.
Ilina: Pollution not only exists outside building but also inside!
Kentaro: Really??
Derick: Chemicals in the air inside buildings harm humans as much as pollution harms them outside!
Kentaro: What are some of the toxins inside buildings that affect humans?
Karen: Well, there is tobacco, heating appliances and vapors.

Part 7: Conclusion

Derick: Well now you know all the horrid things that pollution does.
Ilina : And we hope that you help this planet.
Karen: For both animal and plants!
Kentaro: Together we can Save the Earth!
KIKD (all members) : Happy Earth day!


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