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gemstone- any hard, colorful mineral that has a brilliant or glassy luster

ore- a rock that contains an economically useful mineral

strip mines- mining in which earthmoving equipment scrapes away soil to expose ore

open pit mining- mining in which giant earthmoving equipment dig a tremendous pit

shaft mines- mining that has a network of tunnels that extend deep underground

alloy- a solid mixture of two or more impurities from iron


T= Mineral Resources

  • Minerals are the source of metals, gemstones, and other minerals used to make many products.
    • Gemstones

      • any mineral w/ glassy luster
      • colorful
        • rubies
        • sapphires
      • valued for durability+ rare
    • Metals

      • some minerals= source of metals
        • metals= useful, molded without breaking
        • metals= used for
          • steel girders
          • metal filament
          • tools+ machinery
    • Other Useful Minerals

      • talc= used for talcum powder
      • fluorite= used for aluminum+ steel
      • calcite= used for microscopes
      • quartz= used for watches
      • kaolin= china and pottery
      • gypsum= wallboard, cement, stucco
      • corundum= used to polish+ clean
    • Ore

      • ore= rock contains economically useful mineral
        • most metals don't occur pure form
        • metal usually occurs as mineral
    • Prospecting

      • prospector= anyone who searches for ore
    • Mining

      • three types of mining=
        • strip mine
          • earthmoving equipment scrapes away soil
        • open pit mine
          • used remove ore that start near surface
          • earthmoving equipment digs tremendous hole
        • shaft mines
          • have network of tunnels
          • used for ore deposits in veins
      • mining= harmful to environment
        • strip+ open pit mining= scars Earth
        • waste materials from mining= pollute rivers
    • Smelting

      • After miners remove ore from a mine, smelting is necessary to remove the metal from the ore
        • smelting= melting ore to separate metal
          • smelting steps
            • 1. Ore crushed, mixed w/ coke
            • 2. Mixture put in blast furnace
            • 3. Coke burns= change chemical
            • 4. melted iron sinks to bottom
            • 5. Impurities in ore+ limestone= slag
            • 6. Slag+ molten iron poured
Smelting proccess

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