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65 ways to save the earth (podcast)

Alternative sources of energy

  • windmills
  • solar power waterwheels
  • fluorescent light bulbs
  • hybrid cars
  • solar power blankets instead of heaters
  • shut off computers when not in use
  • power generators
  • Dams----
  • shut off computer when not in use
  • turn off water when brushing teeth
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  • turn off water when putting on soap in the shower
  • never put electronic devices of any kind on stand by mode for too long
  • don't use paper bags, use a cloth bag to carry your groceries every time(clean it though)
  • Clean up trash around your block or park
  • recycle
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  • put all kitchen trash (peels, unwanted food, edible items etc.) in a bucket and make compost by digging a hold in the ground and burying it
  • Use a lunch bag or reusable contaianers instead of paper bags
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  • If you don't eat all your lunch, breakfast, or dinner, save it for later
  • walk or bike to school for saving gas, or use a hybrid car
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  • wear your clothes twice if they aren't dirty, and that saves time, money, and power from the washing machine/dryer
  • try to lower the temperature for your refrigerator, because 20% of the electricity bill is from this
  • plant trees and flowers for more oxygen and a cleaner environment
  • put a small potted plant in your house or car, so you have fresher air
  • Doors usually keep heat inside a room, and that saves energy and money
  • reuse water bottles and containers
  • recycle batteries and cell phones the right way
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  • When using the dishwasher, remember to use it only when it is full, because a half filled dish washer uses twice as much energy
  • use a microwave oven instead of a regular oven because microwave ovens use 80% less electricity and cooks food quicker than a regular oven
  • Use foods that cook at about the same temperature in your oven so that you can cook several meals at the same time
  • fluorescent light bulbs are expensive, but they usually last 10 times longer than a regular one and uses 75% less energy
  • match the bulb wattage to the right amount of light
  • turn off lights when leaving a room, even if it is for a short time
  • use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer instead of water and soap
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  • carpool with friends to school so you can save time, energy,and gas while having fun! Also, every gallon of gasoline you save avoids 22 pounds of CO2 emisions into the ozone layer!
  • open windows when it is a hot day, or take a swim in a pool
  • plant, preserve, and produce trees
  • if you have a bit of scrap paper left, use it when scribbling down a phone number
  • don't dump your trash in a body of water
  • don't dump toxic wastes like paint and other hazardous liquids in bad drains because it will harm the ocean animals
  • Don't cut down trees, because it is a main source of our oxygen
  • Buy small amounts of packaged goods, and choose products with containers that are reusable and not disposable
  • Don't use the fireplace too often because the smoke goes in the air and weakens the ozone layer
  • Unplug unused electrical appliances
  • Take a shower in less than 5 minutes
  • Shut off the TV or computer when you are done using it
  • Don't blast the heat or air conditioning in the car
  • Make labels for recycling bins at home and school
  • Save paper by sending an e-card
  • Put water in a reusable bottle
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  • Use paper towels sparingly or use a cloth towel
  • Start a "Green" or an "E" club at school to brainstorm more ideas
  • Use both sides of a paper
  • Once a month, change the filters in your house
  • At retail stores or supermarkets, talk to the manager about handing out 1 cloth bag to each customer instead of 1 paper bag for every time
  • Use your bath towel more than once
  • Don't use a blow-dryer
  • Put large plastic bags in your car for car trips
  • Plant flowers and trees
  • Donate old toys and clothes
  • Take good care of your school supplies
  • Don't put TV's or lamps near your heater
  • Unplug cell phone chargers when done
  • Use solar battery chargers
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  • stop polluting
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Stopping Pollution:

Running water in a sink when not in use:

Lunch Bags and reusable containers:

Recycling Batteries and Cellphones:
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Walking or Biking to School:

Plastic Bottles:

Solar Chargers:
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